You Need a Brand, Not a Logo

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You Need a Brand Not A Logo Art

You Need a Brand, Not A Logo

Many small business owners reach out to me in the pursuit of “a new logo”. They think the branding process begins and ends with a new logo, a social media banner, and an email signature. It takes about a two-hour meeting and a couple of emails to bring these entrepreneurs' minds to the light of awareness.

That is if they do not have a lucky color. if that is the case, then it takes another hour to explain one should build a brand to resonate with buying personas, and not personal taste. Because in the end, everybody wants to invest their financial assets into something more tangible.

Branding is a science. Think of "Brand" as everything people see; when they think of and see your company, including your team of professionals. A systematic metric is automatically generated when they see your brand, a natural response to comparison and classification takes place in your audience's minds. Marketers call it sentiment analysis, but you might know it as “impression”. An impression can be positive, negative, or neutral.

If an image, product, and service may be qualified, it may also be quantified, and therefore, can be benchmarked. The branding process of your company begins with a throughout cross-information analyses of your competition, audience segmentation, and product positioning.

Your Brand has a direct impact on the success of your companies' inbound and outbound effort to reach, convert, and nurture. Allow me to clarify: the inbounds efforts relate to your in-house stakeholders. Your team will not find the motivation and determination if the company culture is not solid and healthy. The outbounds efforts relate to your customer success outreach. Clients will not rationalize their necessity for your product or service if your brand does not transmit the right set of values and benefits they expect.

The branding process illuminates the how's and why's in your strategy. It provides:

  • Purpose to balance profit and idealism;
  • Consistency to fuel customer loyalty;
  • Emotional balance to humanize the customer approach, because customers are not always so rational;
  • Flexibility to keep its relevance in this fast and ever-changing world;
  • Customer communication protocol to set the communication tone, and verbiage to help to build brand recognition and avoid mismatched brand experience;
  • Nurture to ensure clients keep coming back by cultivating their loyalty;
  • Competitive awareness to maximize profit. Some roads have already been mapped, take a data-driven road.

"Brand" is a call-to-action to purpose. It inspires an audience to acquire benefits; invites them to pursue a lifestyle journey through the acquisition of products or services. So, are you still worried about how many likes you get on Instagram?

Every little detail, from the physical structure to the culture in a company, should go through a branding process. Because it tells a story that will direct influence the buyer’s journey, the talent acquisition & retention, and will also help justify the price you practice.

Are you still with me? The branding process has been taken for granted. But once facing global competition, the Brand is the ultimate differentiating factor that can increase your bottom line numbers.

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