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Friday  /  March 17, 2017

You Need a Brand, Not a Logo

Dhouglas Oaktree  /  Brand   

Branding is a science. Think of Brand as everything people see when they see and think of your company, including your team of professionals. A systematic metric is automatically generated when they see your brand. (...)

Social Media Blog - Social Media and Content Marketing Better Together Art
Saturday  /  June 12, 2016

Social Media and Content Marketing, Better Together

Dhouglas Oaktree  /  Social Media & Content Marketing   

“Social media is gasoline and content marketing is fire.” Content is the currency of trust in social. And as a direct result of that trust and authenticity, content marketing, like a good friend, enhances the “social factor” of social media platforms. (...)

Content Marketing Blog Content Blindness Solution Native Content Marketing Art
Monday  /  March 26, 2015

Problem: Content Blindness, Solution: Native Content Marketing

Dhouglas Oaktree  /  Content Marketing   

(...) Consumers are humans and not targets; they need to rationalize the information source to validate the content. Therefore, content produced by local experts of the targeted area may help content to be validated and contextualized in multiple levels of association. Native advertising might be on the verge of a strategy adaptation.